Diet for Anaemia: what sorts of food can a patient have for iron nazreena?

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Iron deficiency of anaemia can affect anyone, even someone with normally good levels of iron in the blood. Loss of blood after a serious injury or accident may lead to anaemia as the body struggles to cope with the loss of red blood cells. Other reasons for iron deficiency are heavy menstrual bleeding, lower levels of iron in the body or due to poor diet. Hookworm infection can also lead to anaemia because it hinders in proper absorption of iron due to insufficient production of hydrochloric acid. Apart from this anaemia sometimes affects pregnant women and this is dangerous since it not only affects the mother, but the baby as well. People with lower levels of iron often complain of weakness, easy fatigue and constant irritability. Heartburn, flatulence, abdominal pain, soreness in the mouth, numbness and palpitation of the heart are other symptoms associated with iron deficiency.

The best way to increase iron levels in the blood are through the diet, so you should avoid coffee, tea and antacids since they hinder in the absorption of iron. Maintain a healthy balanced diet, rich in sources of iron such as green peas, chickpeas lean beef, skinned poultry, liver, egg yolks,pork, shellfish , fish,. For vegetarians, rich sources of iron in foods include fresh green leafy vegetables lentils, split peas, beet, spinach,  figs, dates, dried peaches, apricots, nuts, peanut butter raisins and whole grain peas prunes breads, broccoli, blackeyes Apart from this, drink 1 cup of beetroot juice of 1 cup of fresh apple juice mixed with a spoonful of honey every day. Another effective remedy for iron deficiency is a mixture of apple and tomato juice consumed daily. Soak 10 currants overnight, de-seed them and have them every morning for 3 weeks to fight anaemia. Eating fresh salads and honey helps to increase the iron levels by increasing the haemoglobin levels in the body. Vitamin C also helps in absorption of iron, as do Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and P. Consume foods rich in these vitamins and cook your food in cast-iron vessels since this helps to increase the iron content of your foods.

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