What can I do for a pinched nerve in my shoulder to my arm?

A pinched nerve occurs due to pressure on the nerve by the surrounding tissues, bad posture, injuries, and stress from repeated physical activities or even osteoarthritis. There is usually an inflammation of the affected nerve and thus it becomes difficult, painful and even impossible to use that particular part of the body. If the pain from a pinched nerve does not last long then there is no real damage to the nerve and surrounding tissues. However long-lasting pain can lead to serious nerve damage and should thus requires adequate treatment.

For immediate relief from the pain, apply either a heat pad or an ice-pack, depending on what works best for you. Massage the affected area to ease the tension in the muscles, but be careful since a wrongly done massage can aggravate the problem. Avoid the activities that might have caused the pain and/or aggravate it. Also avoid carrying heavy objects and sports that demand sudden jarring movements like football. If the pain is in the region from the neck to the wrists, wearing a splint during the day to restrict movement can relieve the pain. You should also practice some basic relaxation techniques like deep breathing and light yoga exercises. If the pain persists, you should go for some physiotherapy sessions which can stretch and relax the affected muscles. If the pain is too intense and lasts for a long period, surgery and removal of the herniated disk might be the only option to treat the problem.

answered by G R

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