Glaucoma eye exercise tips

Although there is no conclusive scientific proof for this, it is believed by some medical fraternities that cycling for an hour everyday helps to arrest the growth of glaucoma. If you have this debilitating eye disease, you should know that there is no cure available for it thus far. All you can do is arrest or slow down the ascent of the damage caused by it. The general feeling behind the belief of bicycling for an hour to help with glaucoma is based on the simple premise that exercise will help boost overall blood circulation. This will extend to the eye as well, thereby controlling the problem to some extent.

It is a good idea to wear glasses at all times. You need to protect your eyes from any dust and grit getting into it. If you do not have a prescription for glasses, you can wear plain ones. Apart from exercising, you can try to improve your vision by concentrating on your diet. Increase your intake of beta carotene and lycopene, considered especially useful in helping to improve eyesight. Both these products are found in carrots and tomatoes respectively. You should also increase your intake of vitamin A significantly. These would include milk and milk products, leafy greens, all orange fruits and vegetables and liver.

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