Gangrene home remedies

If you are affected with gangrene, the name given to dead and decayed tissues, chances are that you will lose the part of your body this problem has occurred in. There are two types of gangrene that typically affect the human body. They are wet gangrene and dry gangrene, of which the former is more debilitating because it spreads very quickly, involves bacterial infection, and therefore decays your body tissue faster. Dry gangrene has a tendency to be more manageable, particularly if it is detected early.

The only way to take care of your condition would be to catch it early and nip it in the bud. It will certainly involve some element of surgery, so it would be unwise to expect otherwise. But once you have got rid of the rotten part of the wound, you can work towards healing the rest of it better. One way to help your situation is to try and improve blood circulation, since lack of blood circulation is what leads to the development of gangrene in the first place. The other is known as hyperbaric therapy, in which the patient is placed in a chamber which has 100 per cent oxygen being supplied to it. The entire body is exposed to the oxygen, which improves circulation and speeds up healing almost 10 times faster.

answered by M W

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