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A sty in the eye can be bothersome, not to mention painful and irritating. There are some wonderful old housewives remedies that come highly recommended to get rid of all kinds of sties. One of the most effective ones to help bring down the swelling and ease the burning is to apply cool slices of cucumber to your sty. This will help for temporary relief, but it is important for you to know that this will also slow down the healing process of the sty. If you want to heal faster, you will have to employ some rather harsh methods instead.

Crushed cloves can be mixed with just a few drops of water to get a fine paste and this paste can be applied to the area around the sty. The heat from the cloves will help to draw out the sty and thus help in curing it faster and better. However, be very, very careful that you do not let this get into your eye, because it will sting and burn very badly, and may also aggravate your condition further. You can also try this at home; take a large iron nail, or a piece of iron and gently rub it all around the sty area for as much time as you can, and as often as you can. This is supposedly a method that will remove the sty in a day or even less!

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A stye is nothing but an infection that has affected an eyelash. The follicle of a hair of your eyelash is affected and this causes the infection. A stye can be observed as a lump on your eye. A stye is usually very painful and can last for as long as two weeks. However, you can use some simple home remedies to treat the stye and ensure that it is cured in a short time.

Dip a towel in hot water and apply this to the style on your eye. Hold it there as long as you can. Dip the cloth in the hot water and apply again to the affected eye. Doing this repeatedly will help the little blister become flat. You will also notice a drastic reduction in the pain.

You can also try using a tea bag on the stye. A tea bag that has been used to make tea can be used or else you can hold a fresh tea bag under the tap before you place it on the eye that has the stye. This is believed to help bring the inflammation down and reduce the pain. Dandelion tea is believed to be an effective antidote to the development of styes.

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