What should you eat when you have burns on stomach and thighs?

Diet for Burns

There are no specific diets you can really follow if you have any kind of burns anywhere on your body. External or superficial does not call for diet control of any kind. However, it is always advisable to eat the kind of foods that will not allow too much heat to be generated in your body, as this will only add to the aggravation of your skin burns. So you would do well to stick to foods that are not to spicy or "heaty" in nature. This would generally include all spices, meats, and processed and fried food. It is always a good idea to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, as these will make your skin richer and suppler.

You would have to take care of the burns topically, which can be done by applying a mixture of soothing rose water and cucumber to the burns. It is well and widely known that applying white toothpaste to your burns will help to heal them very quickly. White toothpaste has the tendency to draw out the heat from within the burn and will thus help in a quicker process of healing. You can also apply clarified butter to your burns as this has several healing properties that will also help towards a quicker recovery.

answered by G M

Burn natural remedies

I am afraid your question is rather confusing. I assume that when you say you have burns on stomach and thighs - you are not referring to real burns. You should consult your doctor about the right kind of food to eat when you are healing form burns.

If, however, you are talking about the burns that you notice on various parts of your body, then I can help you. These burns that you notice on your body are usually caused by excessive heat in your body. You can easily cure these by regulating your intake of food. You should ensure that you avoid eating food that can cause more heat. You can drink buttermilk and fruit juices but stay away from tea and coffee. Instead of eating heavy food that is oily and even spicy, you should stick to light salads and soups. Yogurt and lemonade are other food options. You can keep your body cool by taking frequent showers. You can also take a long soak in the tub. Wear loose clothes made of natural fabrics rather than clothes made of synthetic fibers. If you feel very hot on those burns you can apply a cold pack to get some relief.

answered by M W

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