My two year old has had a cough since thursday, and had a fever today. what can I give her

How long is it exactly, since your child is suffering from cough? What is the body temperature? Small children are not recommended the over-the-counter cough syrups, as they might be too powerful for them. Right dosage and knowledge of the condition is essential, especially, if persistent for quiet some time. It is a reflex which eliminates the foreign matter. The kind of cough and the time of occurrence are also to be considered. Inflammation of the air passage is seen in case of exhalation with a wheeze sound. Respiratory blockage is the cause. Infection of the respiratory tract by bordetella pertussis results in whooping cough. High fever with cough, faster breathing, blood in the cough, difficulty in breathing and whooping sound calls for immediate medical attention. Home remedies are difficult to provide for small children. Avoid cough drops, as it might choke them. A humidifier might prove beneficial. A hot shower in the bathroom helps, as steam inhalation is an effective remedy. Avoid citrus juices and carbonated beverages. If the temperature is more than 102 degree Fahrenheit, place a wet cloth on the forehead, to reduce the heat. Visit a pediatrician for further guidance.

answered by Dr C

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