I recently tried to squeeze a blind spot an inch below my eye and the skin broke and has left me with a large pink/red grazed look which looks terrible. Is there any way to help the skin recover quickly? Kindest Regards.

Facial scar treatment

The first thing to do is to clean the wound using water or an antiseptic solution. Try and avoid touching the wound with your fingers without cleaning them thoroughly first. Use rubbing alcohol or antibacterial soap to keep your hands clean. If your last tetanus booster shot was more than ten years back, you may need to get another booster to prevent contracting tetanus.

Here are some natural remedies to heal wounds quickly and soothe the pain:

  • Use aloe vera gel topically. It has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Other than that it also helps soothe and heal the wound faster.
  • Calendula, an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic helps slow down bleeding and promotoes the growth of fresh tissue
  • Lavender oil is said to be helpful in healing wounds
  • Lavender oil and tea tree oil are some essential oils which help disinfect wounds and are gentle on surrounding tissue
  • A geranium compress may help slow bleeding
  • Geranium can be applied in a compress to help slow bleeding
  • Apply some honey on the wound and cover it with some gauze.

The wound will most likely get better in two to three days and chances are the ugly pinkish color will fade as well. Until the wound heals completely, try and avoid direct sunlight coming into contact with the wound as this may cause permanent scarring.

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