My son is 4 months old and he has cold and cough from last the 15 days. I have taken him to the doctor but it's of no use. Please tell me any home remedy so that he should be well. Thanks

Natural remedies for cold and cough 

There are several effective home remedies for a cough and cold, but if your son has been suffering from this illness for over two weeks, it is best not to spend too much time trying home remedies, because they do not always work, and are less effective against severe, persistent infections. In addition, since your child is only four months old, there is a limit to the number of home remedies that you can use. For example, honey is excellent for fighting coughs, but infants should not be given honey as their digestive systems and immune systems are not strong enough to handle some of the components.

You can give your son warm milk with turmeric powder several times a day. Also make sure that he is drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. Steam also helps to moisten the air passages and clear mucus, so you can steam up your bathroom and then spend a few minutes inside with your son.

Meanwhile, make sure that whatever medication the doctor prescribes is administered regularly and faithfully. One common mistake that people make is to have a very lax approach towards their medication, as a result of which the medication cannot work as it is supposed to. If in spite of all this, you find no improvement and you feel that your doctor is unable to handle it, you should consider visiting another doctor.

answered by G M

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