how to get rid of diarrhea for infants

Buttermilk is the commonest, cheapest and most effective remedy for diarrhea in children. It should be the white liquid left over after churning sour yogurt to remove butter from it. Adding a pinch each of sugar and salt will enhance the taste and this combination is also an effective remedy that can take care of diarrhea. Chewing on a dried piece of ginger is also a slow but highly effective way of dealing with diarrhea. However, since children may not prefer the taste of ginger, you can make a mix of dry ginger powder and honey and feed a few drops of it to the infant every four hours. You can also powder dried aniseed and sugar in equal quantities and place a small amount of this powder on the child's tongue every hour.

Pomegranate juice will help retain water in the body of the child, which is in all probability severely dehydrated due to the diarrhea. It can be given a teaspoon at a time and there is no limit to the quantity. However, it is important to note that if the child is not passing a stool every alternate hour, or the duration between the stools is longer, pomegranate juice may also cause constipation. So you must carefully watch over the child's motions while administering this remedy.

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