Is there any natural cure for carpal-tunnel syndrome?

Carpal-tunnel syndrome treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful medical condition in which inflammation of the tendons in the wrist causes the median nerve to be compressed. Although the most common cause today seems to be using computer keyboards for hours on end, any activity in which you use your hands for long periods of time performing repetitive movements can cause this condition to develop. In some cases, physical injuries such as fractures, dislocations, or any other severe trauma inflicted on the lower forearm may result in carpal tunnel syndrome. Other health conditions such as hypothyroidism can also have the same effect.

If the cause is not disease or physical trauma and the condition is still mild, carpal tunnel syndrome can usually be controlled and reversed without drugs, surgery or other medical intervention. You first need to determine and address the underlying cause. Try to minimize the stress caused to your wrist, and take regular breaks from such activities. Try to use keyboards or other tools that place less stress on your wrist. Perform simple exercises such as rotating your wrist and stretching the hands. In general, regular exercise and sufficient rest also help. Periodic ice packs or warm compresses also help. You should also consider wearing a wrist brace at night, especially if you find that the pain is worse when you sleep. Many people tend to curl their wrists during sleep, thus worsening the compression of the nerve. If possible, wear the brace during the activity that causes the stress on your wrist.

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