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If smoking has caused something as serious as a burned throat, your first step should definitely be to quit smoking at the earliest. A burned throat, from inhalation of smoke or otherwise can be quite grave. Even if somehow this burn is caused by smoke inhalation or by the actual act of smoking, you need to check with your doctor. If you don't receive the appropriate treatment at the earliest, the burn could get worse and may leave a permanent scar. There could also be blistering and infection. The swelling could cause difficulty breathing. Another problem arises when swallowing as these burns can become rather painful. Even after your burn may heal, you could find that this thin red scar still causes irritation. Typically, the earlier you have such burns examined by a qualified physician, the better it is for you. Burns can get quite a bit inflamed. This swelling can then cause a blockage in your airways. Treat the burns very cautiously.

In the meanwhile you could try doing things you would normally do when you have a sore throat. Look for food and drink options that soothe your throat and provide relief. Herbal teas can do wonders for burned throats. Cooling drinks can be extremely soothing. Avoid hot food and drink. As you would, if you had a sore throat, you should try different gargles such as the usual salt water mix. Honey is a substance which can be very beneficial in this case. You can drink it or even gargle with it (mixed in water). You can also add some to your tea. Don't forget to have plenty of fluids. That doesn't mean colas or artificial drinks. Reach for natural options like lemon juice or orange juice. These help keep the throat moistened. Opt for natural foods that won't aggravate the burn. You should obviously avoid spicy foods which can make it worse. Since you might experience difficulty with swallowing, make sure you stick to soft foods. Sometimes, sucking on a cough drop or two might help. Another thing to bear in mind is that if you smoke both regular and heavily, the injury may not really be a burn, but may be a sign of some more severe problem. Smoking can cause things a lot worse than a long red burn. This is why it is imperative that you get your doctor to have a look at it.

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It is very rare that cigarette smoke can burn the inside of your throat unless you attempted to smoke the cigarette inverted with the burning end in your mouth. This is because there is too much distance and air between the lip and the throat for heat not to be lost along the way. However, if there is some kind of a red line, you definitely have inflamed the tissue of the area.

The first thing that you have to do is reduce smoking. When a part of the body is inflamed, it is usually raw, there is a lesion in the area, and since cigarette smoke contains a huge number of carcinogens, you have to try to avoid the smoke getting into the affected area. The next challenge is to keep the area sterile and free of pathogens. This can be done by using a mouthwash but this is only useful if the area affected is still in your mouth. However, if the area is not in your mouth but still within view then the affected area is in the pharynx, or the beginning of the throat. For this area, you should use a dual disinfecting strategy by using honey and salt water gargling. Gargle for the next few days thrice a day with warm salt water. After completing the gargle, take three tablespoons of honey and try to direct it to the affected area while swallowing it. Honey has antibacterial properties and also acts as a soothing balm for open lesions.

To help you cut down on smoking during this period, and possibly for a longer period, use taste as your primary weapon against the cigarette smoke. Naturally, humans are averse to smoke and most of us get a cough when we are exposed to smoke of any kind - it is almost an involuntary reaction. However, cigarettes alter the brain’s chemistry so much that smokers end up identifying the smell and taste of cigarette smoke with pleasure. This can be tweaked by chewing on substances and consuming some liquids that have the effect of making cigarette smoke taste bad again. Water is the first line of attack as many smokers report an altered and unpleasant taste to cigarette smoke after drinking water. A chewing gum also does the same thing by giving a mint tastes to the entire oral cavity. Smoking takes away this pleasant taste and leaves a bad taste in the mouth when mixed with mint. Chewing on a clove is also very useful as the combination of clove and smoke residue on the skin could even almost make you sick and nauseous.

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In order to instantly soothe the throat, drink a cup of water boiled with basil leaves for 15 minutes. A glass of hot milk with a teaspoon of turmeric powder added to it is also an effective remedy to soothe and heal a burning throat. Juices of grape, onion or pineapple will help in healing the irritated tract. Chewing on liquorice is also helpful and soothing. Use tamarind water as a gargle for the irritation to subside instantly. Put four or five pieces of tamarind in a cup of water and boil till it is reduced to half a cup. Some very common and effective gargles for the throat are Cayenne Pepper, Lemon, Vinegar, Sea salt and honey. A mix of all of these or any that are available will be very effective in healing an irritated throat. Ginger tea is also a good choice for relief. Simmer 10 grams of grated fresh ginger root or ginger powder in a cup of water for ten minutes. Strain and add fresh lemon juice and/or honey. Use as a gargle every 30 minutes, or sip while it is hot. You can also suck on a lemon or gargle with freshly squeezed lemon juice diluted with equal amounts of warm water. Freshly squeezed lime juice and equal amounts of honey is a good concoction for relief. A salty gargle with hot water is also an effective remedy to soothe raw throats.

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