Daughter has sore throat (swollen glands) and has a singing audition tomorrow. Anything she can do for temporary relief?

Natural Treatment for Sore Throat

If you are daughter is suffering from sore throat, she can try out the following home remedies for temporary treatment.
  • Herbs such as blackberry, calendula, bee pollen, cayenne, catnip and Echinacea can fight infections and soothe or heal a sore throat.
  • Use fenugreek as a gargle to reduce pain and relieve sore throat.
  • Licorice and slippery elm also helps in soothing and relieving sore throat.
  • Try giving your daughter marshmallow root tea as this will give you immediate results by soothing itchy and scratchy throat.
  • Olive leaf extract is also a good remedy for treating scratchy throat.
  • Try raspberry leaf tea for easing pain and reducing the swelling.
Ask your daughter to try some of the other remedies from the list below after her audition to completely get rid of sore throat.
  • Consume more of poached and steamed foods.
  • Eat more of purees or grinded food because these are easy to swallow and cause less irritation to throat.
  • Try using frozen popsicles, ice creams, sherbet and yogurt to soothe itchy throat.
  • Pour teaspoon of Vitamin C powder in water or fruit juices. Sip the prepared liquid Vitamin C.
  • Mixture of raw honey and lemon juice is also beneficial in coating and soothing sore throat.

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