What can I do for my grand daughter, having a severe Psoriasis out break? The prescription is not working.

Home remedies for psoriasis

The first step in treating psoriasis naturally is to maintain skin hygiene. Bathe your granddaughter everyday at least once. Use lukewarm water for this as hot water can increase itching. At other times, you can apply wet compresses on her affected skin 2 or 3 times a day. Keep her skin dry as dampness may aggravate the condition. Over exposure to wetness can lead to loss of the natural skin oil. Keep her skin moisturized after bathing or applying wet compresses so as to avoid over-drying of the skin.

Check her soap or lotions which might be increasing the infection. Be careful while purchasing or using any baby products.

Cabbage leaves are a very effective home remedy to treat psoriasis naturally. Wash a few cabbage leaves and remove the thick veins and wrap them in a thin cloth. Now, compress the affected areas with it for 8 to 10 minutes 2 times a day. Use fresh cabbage leaves every time.

Apply vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera gel or garlic oil on the skin continuously for a few days.

Another effective natural treatment is applying a mixture of 1 drop of oregano oil and 2 drops of calendula oil.

Let her skin be exposed to morning sunlight for half an hour or so daily.

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