Are there any home remedies to ease a gallbladder attack like with lemon juice?

The alternative remedy using lemon juice for gall bladder attack is commonly used in combination with the natural, unrefined and raw oils of sunflower and olive.30 ml of any of these vegetable oils should be taken on an empty stomach early in the morning. Immediately after drinking this, have 120 ml of lemon juice or you can also substitute it with grapefruit juice. Continue this home treatment for a few weeks till you get complete respite form Gall Bladder Symptoms attack. A very beneficial potion to treat gall bladder attack with natural cure is a mixture of 100 ml each of the juices of beet, carrots and cucumber. Take it twice daily to treat gall bladder disorders at home.Pear has a healing effect on the gall bladder. You can consume both its fruit and juice for effective cure of gall bladder disorders. Mix 125 ml each of the juices of watercress and dandelion and have it 2 times a day till you find relief from pain. You can take it for 2 to 3 days more even after the pain has subsided.Apply hot packs or heating pads to the abdomen frequently or whenever pain aggravates.Avoid sugary or starchy food for sometime.

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