My mom has poor circulation and has Raynaud disease. Her legs are real stiff. Is there a home remedy to help ease the pain. We tried heat rubs. She is 81.

Natural treatment for Raynaud disease
  • Your mother should have iron rich foods like poultry, fish, lean red meat, green leafy vegetables and lentils. She can have orange juice as it helps in the absorption of iron.
  • She should wear cotton blend textile clothes to help keep her warm and maintain her increased temperature uniformly all over her body.
  • Absorbent foot powders are a good way to help keep her feet dry.
  • People suffering from Raynaud's disease should not only keep away from active smoking but try and protect themselves against passive smoking.
  • Eating hot meals and doing this heartily will keep her warm. The act of eating raises body temperature.
  • As far as possible she should drink hot liquids like hot soups, warm water mixed with honey and herbal teas.
  • Coffee should be avoided as it constricts the blood vessels and disturbs blood circulation.
  • Alcohol provides temporary warmth and decreases body temperature at a later stage which might aggravate her condition.
  • Rub evening primrose oil gently on her fingertips to boost her blood circulation and increase her body temperature.
  • Try to keep her in warm surroundings and discourage her from walking barefoot. She should also try and avoid wearing any rings or bands which might constrict her blood vessels and reduce blood circulation.

answered by D D

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