Why is my body always hot?

Some people naturally have a body temperature that is slightly higher than normal. You have not mentioned your exact body temperature, so it is not possible to say if there is anything wrong with you or if this is normal for you. One would also need to consider whether this is a recent and sudden development. It is also not clear whether the condition of your body being always "hot" is subjective, that is, whether you simply feel that your body is hot, or whether you have actually measured your temperature and found it to be higher than normal. Since you have not mentioned that you feel feverish, we will assume that this is not the cause of the high temperature.

Certain infections and medical conditions can cause extreme sensitivity to temperature, while others can cause the body temperature itself to rise. However, based only on the information you have provided, it is not possible to give you an explanation. Diagnosing the cause of the temperature rise or sensitivity will require a personal examination and a thorough investigation of your medical history and any other existing symptoms. It will be best for you to visit your family doctor for a check up.

answered by M W

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