Fast Heartbeat Causes: Recently I Came To Know Through My Dr. That I Got Helicobacter Pyroli Positive And Also I M Having High Blood Pressure Of 135-140/95-100. During Night Time I Am Feeling Fast Hearbeat And Irritaion In Stomach. Please Tell Me Causes A

Home remedies for fast heartbeat

  • Calm down and take some rest. If you are not able to sleep then try doing some deep breathing exercises and for sometime block your mind from worrying. Lie down and just relax. Either listen to your favorite music or watch any movie or program. Or you can just go out and take a leisurely stroll but remember not to keep thinking hard about anything. In fact, you should keep your mind blank like a clean slate. Do this till your heart beat is restored to its normal pace.
  • Dip your face into a basin filled with ice water for 1 or 2 minutes. You can also go for a cold swim or shower.
  • If you are having stimulants like tea, cold drinks or coffee, discontinue using them for the time being and keep this habit under control in future.
  • To maintain control over your nervous system, think positive, exercise regularly, keep away from stress and eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Keep away from sweets and artificial sweeteners. Eat lots of proteins as they take a longer time to get digested. This helps in preventing blood sugar levels from dropping too low which is one of the reasons for an increased heart rate.

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