I have what the doctor tells me is chronic gastritis. My stomach gurgles and it is quite uncomfortable and painful.

Infection and thereby the inflammation of the lining of the intestine is referred to as gastritis. Deficiency of iron causes chronic gastritis. Causative factors include anemia, bacterial or viral infections, peptic ulcer, spicy foods in the diet and alcohol. Digestion is stimulated by chewing a piece of ginger. A pinch of salt with a teaspoon of carom seeds is an effective remedy. Coconut water provides instant relief. A cup of potato juice prior to meals is beneficial. A glass of tamarind water with cumin water and asafoetida (asafetida) is recommended. A tablespoon of marigold herb is helpful in gastritis relief. Fruits such as figs and guavas are recommended. The former is steeped in water and filtered. Chick peas are an equally effective remedy. Turmeric leaves are boiled in a glass of milk and consumed. Adequate of water and other fluids are recommended. A decoction of licorice root proves beneficial. Leaves of guava are also effective remedies. Abstinence from smoking and alcohol is helpful.

answered by Dr C

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