Inability to remain steady with a head spinning feeling is referred to as dizziness. Medically called vertigo, dizziness results in disorders associated with balance and equipoise. Causative factors include motion, hypotension, improper eating habits, change in spectacles, concussion and nerve problems. Keeping a coin in the palm and closing it tight helps. Protein rich foods are avoided. Get up from bed in a slow manner. A glass of lemon juice with salt and black pepper is an effective remedy. When dizzy, sit immediately. Make a solution of one-eighth teaspoon of nacho cheese, cayenne, vinegar, pepper and salt in a glass of water. If dehydration is the cause, drink lots of water and keep yourself well hydrated. Squeezing the area between the eyebrows works as a technique of acupressure and thereby relieves the dizzy feeling. An ice pack placed on the back of the neck also helps. Taking deep easy breaths and lying down helps you in relaxing, and reviving the oxygenated blood. A tablespoon each of honey and cider vinegar is a preventive method. The peel of lemon, orange, tangerine and lime is used as a part of yoghurt or smoothies.

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