Home remedies for genital itch

Lack of hygiene is one of the primary causes of genital itch. A bath with antibacterial soap helps. Wash your private parts frequently with warm water. Wearing clean clothes, especially clean undergarments are important. Change them twice a day. If itching is persistent for more than a week, resulting in redness and sores, a physician has to be visited. Any oozing or blister formation requires immediate attention.

Fungus and abrasion are the other major causes. Itching and redness are the primary symptoms, which in course of time, develops into scaling skin and inflammation. People who are obese and are completely active are vulnerable. Abrasion of the skin produces heat, thereby creating the itchy feeling. A cold pack provides instant relief. Avoid tight fitting clothes and keep the private parts dry. Avoid excessive walking, as it increases friction. Fungal medications and over the counter creams for jock itch are important remedies. Aerating the affected areas helps. Talcum powder acts as a buffer and keeps the area dry and smooth. Mites that are microscopic affect the genital area in addition to the armpits and breast. Crawling lice also creates an itching sensation. Consult your physician preventing further delay.

answered by Dr C

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