treatment for anal fissures

Add as much fiber in your foods as you can your diet. Fiber helps in loosening the stools and softening in passing motions. Oat bran and other whole grains with its bran are very effective in the long run, in curing the patient of constipation and also building the fiber in the body. Drinking about eight glasses of water at a minimum level daily will help to and further bulk to your system. Guard your anal canal by putting in a thick coating of petroleum jelly inside the anus at least half an inch upwards the rectum. This must be done before each bowel movement. This will ensure that the rectum or the fissures are not further aggravated when passing stools.

After each bowel movement dust the region behind with unscented or medicated talcum powder or plain baby powder. This will help that the friction is further reduced and the area remains dry during the day. Do not attempt to scratch although the urge to do so would be very strong. Scratching the afflicted area with your hard finger nails can cause the tender fissures to erupt further and tear away the tissue that has already worsened with the earlier tearing. Stay away from spicy hot foods that can cause painful burning while passing motions.

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