My daughter has been diagnosed with thyroid nodules. What supplements would be best for her to get rid of these nodules?

Thyroid tissue can sometimes grow which results in formation of nodules which are (90%) mostly benign in nature. However when a nodule becomes large it can cause pressure on the esophagus or wind pipe and thus difficulty in swallowing. There are many causes for the formation of these thyroid nodules like colloid nodule, inflammatory nodule, thyroid cyst, thyroid cancer, follicular adenoma, or multinodular goiter. Depending on the cause of these nodules exact medical treatment would follow. Before taking any supplements it is advisable to consult a health care specialist or your own specialist who has helped diagnosed your daughter's problem as he would know the case well. Any unspecific supplement may cause adverse effects in the body worsening her condition.

A careful monitoring of these nodules is very important. Consult a specialist if your daughter experiences swallowing or breathing problem, lump in the throat, muscle weakness, difficulty in sleep or a pounding heart.

answered by S P

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