I recently have undergone a surgery for piles. Please suggest me diet & yogasansas to follow.

The best diet for piles is a diet that can help you soften your stool because piles basically are formation of blood vessels blocking the anal canal. A soft and easy passing stool will help in alleviating pain caused by piles.

To improve your digestion and soften your stool, you need to have more of fiber rich foods. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are some of the best fiber rich foods that are beneficial in curing piles. Fiber even helps in adding moisture and bulk to the stool that eventually speeds the movement of the stool through your intestinal tract. The major factor contributing to the formation of piles is constipation and a fiber rich food will help in reliving constipation, thereby preventing piles.

Wheatgrass juice is another beneficial cure for piles. This helps in improving digestion and provides easy assimilation of essential vitamins and minerals.

Drinking plenty of water or fluids such as fruit juices, vegetable juice and herbal tea are also useful in treating piles. Drinking fluids help in forming soft and bulky stool that further results in cleansing the bowel and reduce the pressure exerted on piles.

You also need to avoid some foods such as white rice, white bread, cakes, pies, pastries, sugar, animal protein, dairy products and caffeine. These foods tend to make the stool hard and exert more pressure on piles.

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