when overexposed to medicines can this lead to poisonig in the stomach because she vomits everything she eat s and has no appetite

Heavy medication is one of the reasons why some people develop intolerance towards foods and other types of food in general. Due to the weakening of the stomach walls, the breakdown of digestive juices and the delicate state of the digestive system during an illness the stomach seems unable to retain foods in the body and thus causes regurgitation. on the other hand, it can also be that the individual has developed a new allergy to certain types of foods and these must be avoided at all costs till the patient gets better, to prevent the feeling of nausea. In either case, it must be seen that the patient is never left dehydrated as this can cause the individual to lose vital nutrients.

Do not attempt to give OTC products to stem the vomiting as you are never sure whether the nausea is caused by stomach acid or the type of food eaten. All kinds of clear liquids must be given to the patient. Weak teas, mild herbal concoctions, warm water light juices such as apple of cranberry etc should be given to the patient to help gain back the lost fluids form the body. Liquids such as milk or soups must be avoided as these are heavy for the stomach to digest. At best warm water, to which a couple of pinches of sugar and salt have been added to it, is the ideal solution for someone who has lost out on fluids during nausea.

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