It's just the right tonsil that's swollen. But the tonsil keeps touching the little piece of cartilage in my throat and it keeps giving me the urge to gag and throw up. Suggest some remedies.

A single swollen tonsil could indicate an infection of some kind, if the condition has persisted for more than a week, you must see a doctor and eliminate the possibility of any serious infection. In order to bring down the swelling, you can gargle with warm salt water about five times a day. This will help the most. You can also add a pinch of turmeric to it. The healing and antiseptic properties of turmeric will help to fight minor infections.

Sip a hot tea made with lots of ginger, five or six cloves and a few leaves of holy basil thrown in. Boil this for at least 15 minutes, and then have it as hot as you can. Avoid adding milk and sugar to this tea, since both have a tendency to aggravate a sore throat and swelling. If you must, add jaggery to the tea. This is therapeutic in nature and will also soothe your throat. Warm diluted orange juice will help to relieve the gagging sensation as well as bring down the swelling. Avoid sugar. Another remedy to ease the gagging sensation as well as control the swelling is to keep a mix of one part pepper powder, one part dried ginger and one part dried ground basil leaves. Have a quarter teaspoon of this at least thrice a day to soothe your inflamed tonsil.

answered by M W

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