Lip corners cracked and dry, blistery lips, what to do?

The solution for cracked and dry lips and cracked corners of the mouth are to instantly start working towards removing the dryness. It is highly likely that your lips and mouth are dehydrated, which is why you have this problem. One of the best and most effective solutions for this problem is to apply aloe vera gel to the cracked and dry mouth. If you can get a fresh aloe plant and squeeze out fresh gel from its leaves, this will work much faster and more effectively than using readymade gel. If you cannot get the former, however, the latter will also work.

Another solution is to rub freshly sliced cucumbers on and around the lips and mouth. Cucumber is very water retentive and will not only add moisture but will also retain it. Do this all day long, intermittently, and try it for at least a week before you see positive results. You must strictly avoid licking your lips. This will further dehydrate them and make the condition worse. Instead, you can apply milk cream to your lips. This is very richly greasy and will help considerably. You must also remember to always use a sun screen for your lips before you head out. In order to stop the burning, avoid all spicy and citrusy foods. An old wives' method is to apply mustard oil in your navel and rub it in thoroughly. This will supposedly keep your lips fresh and supple.'

answered by G M

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