My mother had operation on piles one month ago. She is still not get cured completely. She still has bleeding. Can you explain or please give a solution for this.

The cause of piles mostly lies in the fact that you are not consuming enough fiber in your diet to begin with. Piles are normally a result of hard motions which rupture and damage the anus and lining. If your mother has been operated more than a month ago and is still bleeding, it is imperative that you consult with the doctor who conducted the operation. If she or he says this is normal, and not internal, then you can take certain measures to try and stop the bleeding.

Your mother should move to a high fiber diet. This would mean temporarily cutting back on consumption of meat, which tends to toughen stools and increasing the intake of greens and fresh vegetables. Natural sources of fiber are always the best way to consume it, as they work towards better overall health as well. Once your mother has soft stools, she will feel the relief and will in all probability stop bleeding at once. If there are wounds from previous hard stools, you can apply aloe vera gel to them. This will help in healing and will also provide relief. Applying thick cold cream, petroleum jelly or olive oil all around and slightly inside the anus will also help facilitate her motions and make them easier. Ask your mother to eliminate using toilet paper and washing with hands after motions. This will help her heal better.

answered by G M

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