I have acid reflux. I have tried several medications over the counter & prescribed. Nothing seems to work without some side effects. What are some home remedies I can try?

Home Remedies for GERD

Gingeroot is one of the most helpful herbs during a heartburn experience. Gingeroot absorbs the stomach acid and has the property of calming the nerves. In short gingeroot if taken in any form - fresh grated, dried powdered and even through a capsule - will yield beneficial results. If you plan to take fresh gingeroot, grate an inch of the herbal root and mix it well with a teaspoon of honey. Better still if you are able to extract the juice of the root, it will blend well with honey. Sip this concoction as slowly as you can as many times as you can during the day to get maximum relief. This should be taken immediately after meals. At the same time if you can get your hands on some bitters it would be an ideal accompaniment to ginger. Bitters of any kind are not only useful in cleaning up the stomach but also regulate acidity and help in blood purification. Some bitters that are commonly available are gentian root, goldenseal and wormwood. These bitters are easily available in the form of capsule or as a liquid extract in most heath stores. A capsule or a measured dose of the liquid extract from any of these herbs will greatly assist the stomach in healing faster. These should be taken just before you eat food or before any meals.

answered by K C

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