How can I make my menses start early?

Advice on Preponing your Periods

If you really want to prepone your periods then let me be tell you that there are no specific treatments or remedies for bringing down or preponing your menses. Only if you are suffering from some health ailments, then your menses can come down naturally. In such a case you don't have to put any effort to it.

Still if you are very keen to start your menses early, then you should eat raw papaya. Eating anything that is warm such as bishop's weeds or fenugreek seeds can help you get your periods early. But, these remedies don't give a 100% result. This differs from person to person because every woman has a different reproductive cycle. So, I am not sure whether these cures will benefit you. Anyways, you can give a try because these are harmless.

You can even postpone your menses if you are to celebrate some important event during your menses. Traditionally people used to delay their periods by inserting beetle nut in a pot of holy basil leaves. This is a traditional belief and not a scientific treatment. So, don't completely rely on them. You can even consult your gynecologist for some over the counter pills for delaying periods.

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