I am 38 year old male. I am a diabetic since last 8 years. Please inform is Black gram Dal (Urad dal) & dry fruits like Kishmish harmful for diabetics.

Healthy Diet Plan for Diabetic

Raisins an interesting and a sweet way to add natural sweetness for people with diabetes. The carbohydrates in raisins have medium effect on your blood glucose levels (they have medium glycemic index) which means it does not cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up immediately after its consumption. Besides it also has other health benefits like the phenols found in this dried form of fruit raisins have potent antioxidant benefits which help to scavenge free radicals from the body and decrease the oxidative stress, other potent compounds found in raisins are flavonoids which also offer a range of health benefits. Raisins are also rich in trace mineral, boron which is critical to health; it has an important role to play in the conversion of vitamin D and estrogen to their most active forms. Although sweet raisins are non-carriogenic as the phytonutrients mainly oleanolic acid in raisins are very potent in killing the bacteria that cause cavities and dental diseases thereby preventing gum diseases and cavities in teeth. Raisins also help to protect your vision and provide protection against macular degeneration.

Black gram (lentil soup) is a very good vegan source protein with moderate carbohydrates. Like raisins they have medium effect on blood glucose levels. Both raisins and black gram (lentil soup) can be safely consumed by a person with diabetes in recommended allowances. Management of diabetes should be a triad of diet, exercise and medications as all three play major roles in maintaining a normal blood glucose levels in the body.

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