Information on dark brown spots on abdominal and hand for a person with cirrhosis of the liver

There is no known connection between dark brown spots on the hands and abdomen with cirrhosis of liver. Dark brown spots on hands and abdomen can be however caused due to liver spots or age spots start appearing on the skin as a person ages. Liver spots are basically the result of excess melanin production when the skin tries to protect itself from sun exposure and there is no connection with liver per say. The color of these spots would depend on the extent of melanin production under the skin.

Try the following simple home remedies to lighten your liver spots:

  • Apply aloe vera cream or vitamin E cream over the liver spots, natural aloe vera can also be applied that is extracted from fresh aloe leaves.
  • Take some butter milk in a cotton ball and dab it over the live spots on your hand and abdomen, this is an effective remedy to lighten them.
  • Rub castor oil on these spots every morning and night regularly. They should nearly disappear in a month time.
  • To protect your skin from harsh U.V rays apply a sunscreen lotion with appropriate sun protecting factor (above 20) 20 minutes before stepping out in sun. This will help prevent darkening or further development of liver spots.

Consult a specialist if the spots fail to lighten with the mentioned remedies to know the exact cause for these spots. Also don't apply any creams or lotions on the spots without his/her recommendation.

answered by Dr S

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