Is there loss of taste and appetite after fever? What can I do?

Alternative Treatment for Loss of Appetite after Fever

Body temperature increases during fever. Certain enzymes present in the taste buds lose their functioning at higher temperatures. They work efficiently in a temperature range of 77 to 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. The cells lose the ability to transmit messages to the nerve center in the brain. Treatment at the earliest possible helps in restoring the taste sensation.

Medicines, especially antibiotics reduce the sensation of taste, thereby decreasing the appetite. The entire course of medication or antibiotic is completed, as it ensures speedy recovery. Cool liquids prove beneficial. Over growth of microbes in the intestine is a known cause of poor appetite. Lack of enzyme functioning of the taste buds, in turn result in lack of interest in eating. Thus, the appetite is affected indirectly.

There are other associated side effects of high temperature. Chills are another typical symptom accompanying fever. Antipyretics for fever also cause chills, due to the reduction in body temperature. Continuous perspiration is another feature of fever. Secretion of beta endorphins helps in affecting the psychological state of an individual. Increase in blood pressure and heart beats are observed.

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