Please tell me if 1.6 level of bilirubin is a serious level of jaundice or not.

A Bilirubin test is usually prescribed in order to test the levels of bilirubin in your body. What happens when the bilirubin content is high is that you may suffer from jaundice. When the test shows that you have too much bilirubin, this means that your body is producing too much bilirubin. This could also mean that your liver is incapable of removing the bilirubin.

Your doctor takes a look at your test report and using the bilirubin level is able to diagnose the seriousness of your condition. If you are worried that your bilirubin count is high, you should know that it is difficult to make a judgment of this kind merely based on the level. There is no standard reference for this test since the levels of bilirubin depend on a variety of factors like the age and gender of the patient. Usually your lab report will include the range for your test. Another factor that is relevant in this context is the fact that a bilirubin test is not the only test for this condition. Your doctor may well suggest that you undergo a variety of other tests and then use the results from these to come up with a diagnosis of your condition. It is advisable to discuss this test result with your doctor. Your doctor is the best person to look at your report and analyses it in terms of what it means for your health.

answered by M W

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