My child has an allergy towards tomato and chocolate. Why?

When your immune system begins attacking some kinds of proteins in certain foods, you develop what is known as a food allergy. These substances which trigger an immune response and cause allergies are called allergens. Allergic symptoms typically start within a hour or two after eating the offending food substance. Some people may Some of the causes of food allergies may include heredity and exposure to certain foods repeatedly. If there are multiple allergies, they may be cause by what is known as the "leaky gut" syndrome where the intestinal lining becomes permeable and allows toxins to go through.

You need to maintain a food diary for you daughter for the period of at least a month to make sure you eliminate all foods that give her allergies. Some usual culprits are food colorings and monosodium glutamate. These should be eliminated as a precaution any way. Signs to watch out for are stomach upsets or a rash. If some foods make her hyper active or make her irritable, eliminate them as well. Be sure to read the labels on all products because some may not appear to contain tomato products or cocoa but may have them in small amounts. Try and give her home cooked food as far as possible. If your child has an allergy to cocoa, also be careful with body lotions that contain cocoa butter.

Acupuncture helps with multiple allergies,by quieting the immune system. If she is old enough to try it, you can give it a shot. Giving her lots of yogurt will help keep her stomach in good condition. On the whole giving her healthy home cooked food and avoiding fast foods and packaged foods is a good idea so you can maintain control over her diet.

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