I Have A Boil In My Vagina Area. I Am Diabetic And The Duration Of My Periods Is At Least 3 Or 4 Times In A Month. Could You Please Help Me Get Rid Of The Boil?

The boil that you are experiencing in the vagina and your diabetes are unfortunately connected. This is because diabetes can cause a change in the acid levels in your body in addition to compromising you immune system. This allows some nasty infections especially fungal ones to take root in your body.

Your doctor would have already taken the time to explain what diabetes is and the effects that it has on your body; especially, the effect on your immune system. However, to reiterate briefly, diabetes is an autoimmune disorder of the body where the T cells of the immune system have attacked and destroyed the insulin producing cells in your pancreas. Insulin is the blood sugar controlling hormone in the body and without it, your blood sugar levels would increase. With the disappearance of insulin from the body in Type 1 diabetes or the ineffectiveness of insulin in Type 2 diabetes, ketone bodies are created by the liver because of the mistaken belief that the body is starving. These increased ketone bodies make the body more acidic and to the point where cells of the body are damaged. This increased acidity levels play another part in your body. The human vagina contains a certain type of bacteria called lactobacillus bacteria. These are normally present and their presence in the body keeps away more harmful strains of bacteria and fungi that are responsible for diseases like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. When the body acid levels are disturbed, the lactobacillus can be killed off and when the levels of acid in the body return to normal, other, more infectious strains and fungi can take root and cause infections. This is what caused you to have a boil in your vagina.

To treat the boil, you would first have to start disinfecting the area from the inside and from the outside. First, you need to start an application of diluted tea tree oil to the area of the boil for a few days. This will kill the source of the infection. You should also increase the intake of garlic in your system dramatically. The increased levels of allacin will kill off pathogens in your system. Follow this regimen until the boil disappears. The next step is to repopulate the regular lactobacillus population by soaking a tampon in milk and using it. Increasing your intake of probiotic milk will also prove beneficial to you, this can be done by consuming more probiotic yogurt. Also, increase your intake of antioxidants to boost your immune system’s strength.

answered by G M

If you get your period 3-4 times a month, this may be because of a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Disease. Please consult a gynecologist and get a hormonal profile done. If you are overweight and have facial hair, there is a good chance PCOD is the problem. All of the precautions you take for diabetes are also beneficial for PCOD as it is a condition caused by insulin resistance.

As to the boil, people with diabetes are unfortunately more prone to boils than usual. If the boil is partly inside and partly outside the vagina you may have what is known as a Batholin's cyst caused by the blockage of the Bartholin gland.

A boil in the pubic area may be caused by using a contaminated blade while shaving or infected waxing straps. It may also be caused by ingrown hair. If the boil is not in very sensitive region, here are some suggestions to help dry it up:

  1. Apply ice on the region in the first three days. After that apply an alternate hot and cold compress to the region
  2. Once out of the bath, direct some warm ( not hot) air onto the pubic region as this may help dry out the boil
  3. If the boil is in a dry area that is easily accessible, try pricking it with a sterilized needle once it is very taut to touch and feels like it will burs with pressure. Squeeze the extra pus out. Please do this only after washing your hands with antibacterial soap or rubbing alcohol.
  4. Never touch any other part of your body after touching the boil. Always wash your hands first.
  5. Wear loose fitting cotton garments and do not allow any scented products near that area.
  6. Taking a supplement containing boswellia and curcumin will help reduce the pain.
  7. Apply a drop of teat tree oil directly to the boil immediately after bathing and patting it dry. Leave it exposed to the air for about half an hour if possible.
  8. Mix turmeric and ginger powder in equal proportions and apply it directly to the area. Cover it with some gauze and leave it on for at least half an hour. Do this until the boil bursts of its own accord
  9. Eat foods that are rich in Zinc and Vitamin A or take supplements. This will speed up healing.

I would suggest consulting your gynecologist as she may be able to prescribe antibiotics that will prevent the infection from spreading and may help treat the boil as well. Also please make sure your sugar levels are being controlled adequately. Speak to your doctor about this.

answered by S E

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