Detox Diet

Detox diet is a regulated diet that helps reduce the toxins in a body. Toxins could be caused by a number of substances like alcohol, tobacco, pesticides and other elements. Detox diets help in clearing out these harmful toxins through the organs of elimination like skin, liver, kidneys etc. A detox diet strengthens the organs involved in detox and releases stored toxins. A detox program may consist of a special diet, nutritional supplements, herbs, hydrotherapy, exercise, breathing techniques and/or sauna.

Detox Diet: Toxin Elimination

The most importan method of removing toxins from your body is through elimination of urine and stools. It is very important to have regular bowel movements to prevent the body getting back the toxic substances. Eat fibrous fruit and vegetables such as banana. You may even try flaxseed with water. This will have a mild laxative effect and help you clear your bowels. Lemon juice in water also has a slightly laxative effect and stimulates the digestive juices which is important for detox. Squeeze a wedge or 1/4 lemon into warm water and drink immediately after rising in the morning, before having the flaxseed drink.

Detox diet using simple food

There are various diets available. And these need not necessarily mean fasting or eating strange and unheard of fruits or vegetables. Your diet should consist of fresh and simple fruit and vegetables that are cooked in a very simple fashion without too much of spices or oil or fat and requires little preparation. Such food is easily digestable and are esily absorbed and can easily be eliminated. Not only will this fresh food diet eliminate toxins, it will improve vitality and stamina, help you digest better, get you better mental clarity and focus, a feeling of calm and decreased allergic symptoms.

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