Beet Juice and Benefit of Beet

People who do not like beet would always question what are beets good for? Research has shown that the benefits of beet juice powder or even fresh Benefits of beet juice are manifold. In fact it has also been medically proven that beet juice benefits blood pressure by helping in lowering high blood pressure levels. One of beets top benefits is that it also helps in increasing the flow of blood to ones brain. Thus consumption of beet juice is considered to be very beneficial as one ages as with age there are certain areas in the brain that tend to have a poor flow of blood resulting in poor cognition and dementia. Another one of the beet juice benefits is that beets are known to be a rich source of nitrates. Consumption of high nitrate foods is beneficial in opening up the blood vessels that are present in the body thereby increasing the flow of blood as well as oxygen to those parts of the body that are lacking in oxygen. Beets and urinary tract infections also tend to be a good combination from the healing point of view as beets have a very high carotenoid content as well as high levels of anti-carcinogens. Red beets are also known to be rich in folic acid and carbohydrates but low in fat. Another one of the beet juice benefits is that it is extremely rich in antioxidants that help the body fight off various diseases and infections especially heart disease as well as certain forms of cancer such as colon cancer. Pregnant women are also advised to consume small amount of fresh beet juice as it is known to be effective in preventing birth defects.

Benefit of Beet and Juice

One of the commonly asked questions by people is; how good is beet juice for you? One should keep in mind that beets tend to have betacyanin which is a pigment that gives the beet root its red color. This pigment also tends to get easily absorbed by the blood corpuscles which in turn increase the oxygen carrying capability of the blood by almost 400 percent. The leafy tops of the red beet are also known to be beneficial as they can be cooked and consumed and are known to be rich in vitamin c, iron, folic acid, potassium and beta carotene. Another one of the benefits of beet juice is that is it commonly used as a home remedy for the treatment of leukemia. This is because beets are rich in an amino acid known as betaine which has anti cancer properties. In fact research has shown that the development of stomach cancer as well as colon cancer can be inhibited by the consumption of two pounds of raw, mashed beets on a daily basis. Another one of the benefits of beet juice powder or fresh beets is that if consumed on a regular basis, red beets are known to also help against oxidative disorders that may be stress related. Beet juice for kidney stones is also a commonly used natural treatment as beets tend to help clean the kidneys as well as the gall bladder.

The consumption of beet is also known to be beneficial to individuals as it tends to reduce the serum cholesterol levels by almost 40 percent and can also help in normalizing one blood pressure levels. Another one of the benefits of beet juice is that it helps in maintaining the elasticity of the arteries is consumed on a regular basis and thus can help in the prevention of varicose veins. Consumption of fresh beet juice or even whole beet sis known to be good for the liver as it helps in stimulating the functioning of the liver cells and also protects the bile ducts and the liver on the whole. Another one of the benefits of beet juice is that the iron content present in red beet is of the finest quality though it is not very high and hence acts as a powerful builder and cleanser of blood. Therefore if you are wondering, are beets good for acne? they definitely are. Besides this, beets are commonly used to treat various ailments that are caused by toxic surroundings and environment. Consumption of beet root juice is also recommended for pregnant women as it tends to help in lowering the risk of neural tube defects as well as spina bifida in newborn infants. It has also been observed that drinking beet root juice on a regular basis is also known to be helpful in providing one relief from constipation. Beet juice benefits also include relief form problems such as toothaches, dysentery, headaches, skin problems such as acne, lumbago as well as menstrual problems. Beets and hair health are also closely related, as the mixture of beets and some vinegar is generally used to cleanse the scalp form dandruff. One may also massage some beet water into the scalp every night using ones finger tips. It has also been observed that beet juice when combined with carrot juice is known to be highly beneficial in healing kidneys, gall bladder and gout problems.

In addition to this beet is also good for the liver. Thus the relationship between beets and urinary tract infection is a very positive one. Before consuming beet roots as part of one’s daily diet, one should bear in mind that the beetroot juice is extremely powerful and hence one should not consume it in excess. In fact excessive consumption of beet juice may even result in one feeling dizzy as the cleansing process tends to eliminate the toxins.

Hence it is advised that along with the consumption of beet juice one should also consume plenty of fresh drinking water to help the toxin elimination. Additionally most people tend to get worried when they observed that the urine had a reddish color after they have started consuming red beet regularly. However this is not a cause for concern as it is just the pigment from the red beets. One of beets top benefits especially of the juice is its blood purifying and blood cooling ability which is on account of the high iron content of beet roots. This also makes the beetroot an important factor in the treatment of anemia as beet juice tends to reactivate and regenerate the red blood cells. Hence the consumption of beet juice is recommended for teenagers and children suffering from anemia.

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