What is the Ketogenic Diet?

by Sam Malone

The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, low-carb diet with a moderate amount of protein. Your entire body is powered by a sugar called glucose. Normally people eat lots of high carb foods, which turn into excessive amounts of glucose as soon as they enter your body. In the Ketogenic Diet, people eat foods that are low in carbs and have higher amounts of fat and protein. The body then creates ketones from the fats you eat in order to generate a normal amount of glucose.

So why is it better to create glucose from fats rather than carbs? The answer is simple, fats turn into glucose slowly and steadily. On the other hand, carbs quickly turn into huge amounts of glucose as soon as you eat them. If you body makes a lot of glucose quickly (from eating carbs) it stores the extra glucose as fat. Consequently day after day of eating high carb foods really start to put on the "fat pounds."

You have probably heard of a "sugar rush." What you may not know is that you can get a sugar rush from high carbs foods that do not contain large amounts of sugar. For instance, you can eat lots of chips that do not contain a large of sugar. However, these chips chips are extremely high in carbs. As soon as you eat the chips they create massive amounts of glucose in your body (aka a sugar rush). The body does not need all that sugar, so it stores it as fat all over your body. And you gain weight.

Here's an example let's say you eat a big pasta lunch. The pasta has very little fat and protein. However it has a lot of carbs. As soon as you eat the pasta, you create a "sugar rush" of glucose in your body. Your body does not need that much sugar, so it stores it. When you get on the scale the next morning, you have gained fat because you ate too many carbs at lunch.

However let's say you go to the same restaurant, and this time you order the chicken. The chicken is very low-carb if it is not fried. It has lots of protein and fat. That means when you eat the chicken your body does not make lot of glucose. Rather it steadily makes a more normalized amount of glucose from the fat and protein in the chicken. These ketones, created in the liver, then act as fuel for the body. However they burn off slowly and do not give you a "Sugar Rush" The result is a slow steady production of glucose that more closely matches your body's fuel needs.

Since you are not producing lots of glucose with the Ketogenic Diet, your body is not being forced to store extra glucose as fat. Therefore you do not gain extra weight.

In addition to high fat foods, followers of the diet can also eat vegetables and fruits that are not high in sugar or carbs. For instance, Spinach is not high in carbs, but grapes have a high sugar content and should only be eaten in small amounts. There is a common misconception that foods naturally high in sugar are somehow OK and do not "pack on the pounds." However this is not necessarily true. When sugar enters your body, it is simply sugar. Your body does not care where the sugar came from. And if you eat too many foods that are high in sugar (even the natural ones) your body will store the extra sugar as fat.\

Meat, eggs, cheese and a variety of low sugar vegetables are great choices for the diet. However those who do not eat animal products will have a harder time finding foods that are high in fat and protein. Some nuts and legumes can be used to try and substitute for the meat, however a dietitian would need to set up this type of diet for vegans or vegetarians in order to create the right nutritional balance.

If you are on the diet, you should avoid consuming sugary drinks (both natural and artificial) and large amounts of foods such as white rice, white breads, fries and sweets. Remember the body needs to use fats to create glucose, not carbs.

The diet often works for individuals within a few months. A Ketogenic diet can enhance your wellbeing in a lot of ways. The diet could be utilized not just for weight reduction, but additionally for greater energy, mobility, and even for enhancing the body's capacity to overcome certain health conditions. It's possible to reside on a ketogenic diet for a lifetime. It is definitely the best method to drop body fat, as your whole body switches to using fat as fuel and, thus, also begins to break down your body fat and them maintains your intake on a sensible level. There's definitely more than a single approach to really go along a ketogenic diet. It's actually a high-fat diet with just a moderate quantity of protein. The diet program and light fasting can be an easy way to shed “those unwanted pounds” in a brief timeframe.

The wholesome fats enable you to remain full and blood glucose balanced so you may sleep soundly throughout the evening. If you've got excess body fat, then you're going to be in a place to burn it at a more efficient pace. In addition, having excess body fat (especially in the intestine) is related to hormone imbalances and poison accumulation in the body.

Usually, your entire body runs on carbs. It will initially use all your glucose for energy before tapping into other types of energy. It becomes accustomed to running on fat shops and you get an even flow of energy during the day. Following the body constantly perceives that it's in a starvation condition, you are going to have greater inclination to enter fight-or-flight mode. Even though it will start to produce ketones in a few days, it takes more to the cells to start converting them to energy.

If you're more active you will probably want more protein and much more overall calories generally speaking. So you are given a bit more fat but also find more protein when choosing pork. Though a lot of people use this increased protein and very low carb diet for weight reduction, there are those that are concerned about the long term effects of the plan. That is why it is important to keep proper balance in your diet. You should never go overboard and eat only excessive amounts of fat and protein without eating any other foods.

If you finally need to lose the weight, you should be in a caloric deficit. It is correct, you can and will eliminate weight functioning together with the Atkins plan. Over the span of the week, you can even observe that you shed a decent quantity of body weight.

Because you are not consuming carbohydrates, you won't go through the drowsiness a high carb diet will cause when seated for quite a long time. What happens whenever you're accommodated to burning carbohydrates is that you want to stay eating because you exercise, before, during and following. Meanwhile, you're want to greatly up your fat intake. Increasing the usage of vitamins, minerals, and minerals has been discovered to be useful.

Diet should consist of healthy and nutritious foods. It can be very tricky to maintain on such a strict diet. The ketogenic diet has been increasing in popularity in the last few years and is much like paleo and primal manner of eating. Because of this, it is useful for treating epileptic seizures, and possibly can cure a lot of other metabolic brain disorders. Recommended for you When you observe the ketogenic diet, then it's vital that you have the macronutrient ratio right. The ketogenic diet can be beneficial in cutting your child's seizures. Anyone following a ketogenic diet who wants to execute high intensity training may benefit from the TKD strategy.

Many people today use the diet as a means of “dropping pounds,” however the diet can also help treat epilepsy, and might potentially fight cancer! Ketogenic diet makes a whole lot of fuel to for your body to burn. The diet can be used to care for epilepsy and for weight loss reduction. The ketogenic diet is composed of top fat, very low carbohydrate intake. So, essentially, it consists of mainly fat, some protein, and a couple of carbohydrates (if any). Deciding if you want to follow along with a standard or significant ketogenic diet is extremely dependent upon your present needs.

Before starting any diet, always consult with your doctor. Only your doctor can tell you if a diet is right for you.

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