Demi Moore Covers Her Body in Leeches as an Anti-Aging Remedy

by Sam Malone

Actress Demi Moore covers her body in leeches in order to keep her youthful appearance. This type of organic facelift and body lift is a rage in beauty circles.
Organic face-lifts really are a new use for old friends...leeches. The treatment can radically reduce wrinkles and lines lines on the face. It can somooth out and tighten up the skin making it glow. In addition, this process can help clear up resistant-to-treatment complexion ssues such as acne, skin blemishes, and even Rosacea.

In 2008, actress Demi Moore produced the startling claim that she loves using leeches. The 45-year-old told David Letterman that her youthful good looks were down to leech treatment in Austria, in which 'highly trained medical leeches sucked her blood fresh.

She disclosed that the vampiric leeches keep her entire body in fantastic shape. Moore "dished" the news when she appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman.

Demi Moore, spent more than $300,000 on a complete body surgical makeover. She openly admitted that she covered her entire body using leeches in an effort to neutralize the toxins in her bloodstream.

Model Miranda Kerr revealed she tried a leech face (Reuters). Some girls will visit ... When the facial has been finished, the Australian version made a decision to shoot the leeches house with her so that they did not die. I kept the leeches, they're in .

Real Housewives Heather Dubrow and her platic surgeon husoan Terry Dubrow, both tried the leech treatment. The power couple revleaed that they both had the leech treatments and loved them. In order to control the bleeding they reportedly tapped maxi bads to their stomaches to control the bleeding.

One woman to have lost more than 125 pounds by encouraging leeches to suck her blood. Before she began leech treatment she weighed 280 lbs and she asserts that it didn't take long before she began to lose weight. After just a single week of getting blood sucked from her back end she says she dropped 13 pounds. During the next year that she credits 200 different leeches with giving her a path to lose the weight.

Therefore be careful if you use the therapy. On the reverse side, you may have the youngest looking skin on your peer group if you use the professional services of the vampiric, small buddies.
What is Leech Therapy? The leeches are then permitted to extract bloodvessels, including 20 to 45 minutes at a time, by the individual undergoing therapy. The treatment can helo joint disease such as osteoarthritis. The anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties at the leech's saliva decrease pain and tenderness at the website of the joint.

How can leech therapy work? Medicinal leeches have three limbs with tiny rows of the teeth. They pierce a individual's skin with their teeth and then insert anticoagulants throughout their saliva. The leeches are then allowed to extract blood, including 20 to 45 minutes at one time, by the individual undergoing therapy.
A study of 62 plastic surgery units from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland showed that most these units uses leeches]. The aim of these recommendations is to examine the practical utilization of medicinal leeches in cosmetic plastic surgery.

At least two companies in Singapore are offering leech therapy. Each semester with five leeches prices $35 at Nooraini's and $40 in Leech Station, that imposes an additional one-time service cost of 20 dollars.
Acne is a horrible skin condition that effects just about all of us at one point or other in our lives. Now a new therapy was invented. Leeches are now able to be placed on your own face to remove pimples.The therapy with leeches helps improve the immune system, also in addition, it improves blood flow in the tissues and enhances the general well-being. Thanks to leech saliva enzymes to assist your body to break down body fat and more.
Leeches can also bring about a slight swelling, swelling and pain of regional lymph nodes around both sides of leech application in addition to improved body temperature.

Today, they're mostly utilized in plastic surgery and other microsurgery.
Bloodletting is used by the withdrawal of blood vessels in a patient to prevent or cure disease and illness. Bloodletting was based on an ancient system of medicine in which blood and other bodily fluids needed to remain in proper balance to keep health.

Care must be taken to avoid squeezing the leech when managing. Gently directing the leech and letting the leech to totally detach before eliminating it from the region should decrease the chance of wound infection. Anemia: Leech therapy may involve considerable blood loss.

No matter how the process is not without danger. Leech treatment is both easy and has a lower chance of side effects than other therapies. But, there are some dangers. There is a risk of bacterial disease, occasionally involving bacteria that are senile, so be sure to steer clear of leeches outside of a controlled atmosphere.

The very first description of leech treatment (aka blood permitting) was found in the text of Sushruta Samhita, composed by Sushruta at 800 B.C.. He was considered the father of plastic surgery. He described one dozen kinds of leeches. Six of those leech forms were poisonous and the other six are not.

Leeches operate by eliminating excess nerve blood and increasing blood circulation to the region.
The saliva of leeches includes powerful compounds which may help reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. It causes dilation of the arteries in the human body and soothes the blood flow to the aging organs and cells thus restoring their health.

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