Meningitis and Hearing

by Andrew Mills

Meningitis has been known to claim lives when undetected early and misdiagnosed. To survive this deadly disease but become deaf after the ordeal is a miracle. The causes of meningitis are bacterial and viral infections. It strikes both adults and children. Symptoms may include high fever, painful joints, headaches, vomiting, extreme weakness, and spots in the body. Governments are pushing for the immunization of young children against meningitis and hearing loss prevention is the primary concern for survivors. However, the latter is always impossible.

When meningitis occurs, the membranes or the meninges covering the brain and spinal cord are inflamed. When the brain tissue is affected by viral infection or bacterial infection. The organisms enter the blood stream through the nose and throat. In many cases, the carrier does not manifest any symptom. Between the two causes of meningitis, viral meningitis is less severe than bacterial meningitis. The only way to distinguish the two is to culture spinal fluid. It takes to 2-5 days to determine the presence of bacteria, and during that time, the patient is blasted with antibiotics just to stay on the safe side. There is no other disease as deadly as meningitis; and hearing impairment is a small price to pay to stay alive.

Brain damage occurs in meningitis, and hearing nerves are always affected irreversibly. In bacterial meningitis, there are bacteria in the blood stream. In sepsis or severe presence of bacteria, the patients always go in shock. When treated with antibiotics the bacteria may be killed but the high incidence of dead bacteria in the bloodstream will cause dangerous blood clots.

Survivors of meningitis are helped by hearing aids. The appropriate hearing aid will be selected from the various hearing aid types – depending on the degree of hearing loss. Children and adult start to pick after a bout with meningitis, and hearing problems have to be mitigated immediately to help them get back to their lives. They have to be taught how to adjust with a disability.

To prevent meningitis, and hearing loss that follows, one must not live in confined quarters with a lot of people. Avoid crowded area as the virus or bacteria enter through the noise and throat. Once the symptoms are manifest, immediately seek medical attention. If your child has fever, take him at once to the doctor. With meningitis, immediate medical evaluation will always spell the difference between life and death.

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