Bowen Technique

by Sharon Hopkins

Bowen Technique was developed by an Australian called Tom Bowen, this is a gentle technique which works across specific parts of body in gentle smooth movements, and provides relaxation as well as can work as an alternative therapy for a number of health problems.

Bowen technique is gentle, it does not work on all parts of the body, and instead it works on specific parts of the body which are vital towards maintaining the balance of central nervous system. This method involves light maneuvering of muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body to provide the person with deep relaxation.

It is being seen as a good therapy and has ability of healing multiple numbers of ailments like the nervous system dysfunctions, muscular skeletal injuries, asthma, scoliosis, etc. this treatment has also been found to cure sports injuries and frozen shoulder. Bowen therapy provides relaxation to stressed muscles and therefore, can cure ailments that are related with muscles.

Bowen technique other than its curative qualities is highly effective in treating stress and stress related disorders, Bowen technique looks at each health problem with a holistic view, therefore attempt to cure one ailment ends up in complete body profiting from this technique, therefore not just one but several other problems are solved along with the basic health ailment. Many a times, a patient treated with this system ends up giving excellent results.

Bowen technique is to be practiced by those certified in this technique; there are several thousands of practitioners throughout the world today. The technique which gives deep sense of relaxation, it is being discovered now, how relaxation helps making overall functioning of the body more efficient. This technique was certified in the year 1997 and is still being used.

Bowen technique involves slow smooth massage on parts of body, which are vital for overall functioning; the technician might require you to remove clothes or wear thin clothes and either be in sitting or sleeping position depending on the massage type. This gentle massage is useful for all age groups from infants to senior citizens.

Firstly, the technician will identify the areas of muscular tension and then start the therapy towards release of tension and stress from the muscles, later he will massage muscles other way round so that the tension is completely released. The number of sessions depends on the extent of ailment and related complications. Bowen technique is the best for all those who want complete relaxation through delicate massage.

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