Polarity Therapy

by Kevin Pederson

Polarity therapy was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, according to him, there is a flow between positive and negative poles in our body, and for the body to remain healthy it is necessary that this flow is maintained properly or else it would result into illnesses and other disturbances. Polarity therapy considers ayurvedic chakras as its basis, according to this theory, head and the right side of the body is positive pole and feet and left side of the body are negative poles. Body along the spinal column is neutral.

Polarity therapy is another type of alternative therapy, it is said to provide cure on several levels, it not just affects a person spiritually it also provides relief from pain and illnesses like arthritis, fatigue, etc. Many people have also found polarity theory good for migraines, headaches, to get relief from PMS, to relieve stress for pregnant women etc.

Each session at the polarity therapy clinic lasts about an hour minimum, there you are required to mention about your illnesses and any other ailments to the therapist. The therapist after this session will require you to lie down fully clothed on a couch.

During the initial period the therapist moves his hands from head to foot on your body, the touch is light and is meant to find out the points where there is blockage of energy on your body. With this done, he will start his therapy from head again, the therapy will involve stroking, molding, rocking body, to stimulate trapped and blocked energy inside body.

Polarity therapy starts showing results almost instantly, person undergoing this therapy might feel outbursts of anger, grief or of any other emotion that has been blocked inside him. Polarity therapy, can give instant results and make a person feel extremely relaxed physically and emotionally.

Polarity therapy does not end there, sometimes the therapists might give you certain exercises to practice at home, if he feels you will benefit from these all the more and these will avoid any further blocking of energy. These are simple stretching exercises aiming to keep you in excellent health condition.

The therapist might also advice you whether you require to undergo any sessions, if you are being affected by negativity, these sessions will help you bring back self pride, more knowledge about yourself and reduce negativity in you. The sessions are generally aimed at introducing you to yourself so that you gain better self confidence.

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