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Total Abstinance One Day At A Time
suggested by Christine on Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It is absolute rubbish to believe that there is any form of remedy for an alcoholic. The only known help which definitely works if you work it, is, Alcoholics Anonymous. The fellowship is in every country of the world. Just look it up in your city phone book and you will find a telephone number to call for help and for information about AA Meetings. It is working for me when no other 'remedy' could. It would be so nice to think a bunch of apples, grapes or celery, or other food or drinks could "cure" Alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease for which there is no treatment in the form of food, pills or drinks. Naltrexone is one form of drug given to alleviate the cravings for alcohol, but it doesn't work for ever, and the patient must have support and understanding and follow a program to improve their outlook on life to have much of a chance of staying sober. Vitamin B is certainly a great help as is plentiful fresh water. We must also learn to read labels on all food and drinks as even the slightest dose of alcohol in any form, will more likely than not, set off a severe craving for more. Diligence is a must. Love in the fellowship to all who need it. Sober and Loving it....Christine A

AA WORKS one day at a time
suggested by BBC Keith on Friday, February 8, 2008

I know AA WORKS because it has done so for me for over 32 YEARS ONE DAY AT A TIME!It has saved my life and I no longer sleep by dustbins! Thank God it's Free, and so am I

suggested by BRIAN on Monday, January 7, 2008

Totally abstain from consuming alcohol. Join A.A (Alcoholic Anonymous) it is the only real long term answer.

The Real Deal
suggested by [unspecified] on Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To think that a diet of grapes, apples, or sucking a lemon will help treat alcoholism is preposterous. "Firm willingness" to stop drinking will also NOT help a true alcoholic. Alcoholism is not about "will power" or diet issues. It is a progressive disease and can only be 'cured' by total ABSTINENCE. Since alcoholism consists of a craving for alcohol and compulsion to drink in spite of past consequences of drinking, the most SUCCESSFUL way to treat it is with the support of other fellow recovering alcoholics in a structured spiritual (non-religious) program that is life long and life changing. And there are plenty of alcoholics without puffy faces, bloodshot eyes, and raspy voices.