Do you have any recommendations for patients with systemic lupus?

Lupus is part of a group of illness that are known as autoimmune diseases. My first advice is to seek alternate treatment, but do so under the care of a qualified health care practitioner.

Lupus is a serious illness and can be managed using herbs and nutritional support but each case of Lupus is different and this will affect the treatment you should have. In saying this, however, you should discuss herbs such as Echinacea, for its immune modulating action, Devil's Claw, Rehmannia and Hemedesmus for their anti-inflammatory action that is specific to autoimmune illnesses, and Ginseng to act as an overall tonic for better health.

Nutritionally, cut out food that is known to aggravate your condition such as foods high in saturated fats, such as takeaways and increase fish oils for their high omega 3 content, leafy green vegetables and avoid excessive red meat and dairy food consumption which contains amino acids that are known to aggravate lupus. High calorie diets also are known to exacerbate lupus so you might need to address not only what you are eating but how much you eat. Remember, if you have lupus, you should be seeking regular professional advice on managing your condition.

answered by L W

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