Causes of feet cramps at night

Muscle cramps at night refer to the involuntary cramping of muscles. These usually happen at night and often in calf muscles. These cramps can also happen to the muscles in your thighs. The incidence of cramps increases with age and especially in pregnant women.

Feet and leg cramps at night are common in certain types of existing conditions. If you are tired or have diarrhea it can lead to leg cramps. Lack of water or muscle fatigue can lead to muscle cramps. Chronic conditions like diabetes, kidney failure, alcoholism, Addison's disease and Parkinson can cause cramps. Sometimes structural deformities like flat feet or spine stenosis can also cause feet and leg cramps at night. Often diuretics, oral contraceptives and blood pressure drugs can cause cramps too. Pregnant women also suffer from this due to the weight that they gain as a result of their pregnancy. If mineral levels in the body are insufficient, often cramps are one of the side effects. Excess sweating along with excess exercise can also cause muscles to cramp at night. These cramps go away in time but if they recur often, you should consult a doctor. There aren't any drugs but some exercises and positions have been known to help treat muscle cramps.

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Remedies for cramping in legs during pregnancy?

In a pregnancy, you face many symptoms, most of which are as a result of carrying a baby. When you are pregnant, the body stretches, the joints loosen, and all other organs make place for a rapidly expanding uterus.

Cramps in legs during pregnancy are a common occurrence. These cramps occur because of the extra weight that the body has to carry around during the nine months. These cramps during pregnancy can also be painful. There are some basic exercises that you can do to remedy this pain. Avoid standing for long periods of time and sit at periodic intervals. Sit in a proper posture with good support. While sitting, you can even stretch your leg and calf muscles. Rotate your ankles and toes also while you are sitting. Taking short walks are also a good idea, provided your doctor has also recommended it. Drink plenty of water and keep the muscles hydrated. Get a dose of multivitamins and make sure you stock up on lots of fruits and vegetables. A mineral deficiency can sometimes exacerbate the leg cramps. Massage, especially gentle massage, can really help ease the cramp. If you see swelling or tenderness, you should bring it to the notice of your doctor.

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Why do I get cramps in legs while sleeping?

Leg cramps often happen only at night. While there is no definite reason, there are many causes that cause leg cramps while sleeping.

Lack of nutrition, including a deficiency in potassium, can cause night cramps in legs. Chronic conditions like diabetes, hyperthyroid, Parkinsons, Addisons and drugs like those for hypertension, all are known to cause night leg cramps. Sometimes excess exercising can cause muscles to constrict and cause cramps. These cramps largely occur in older people so if you are young and get them repeatedly, you should show it to a doctor. Pregnant women are also prone to leg cramps. Patients with kidney problems or who use diuretics are also prone to leg cramps. There are some things you can do if you get night leg cramps. Slowly stretch the muscle, painful though it might sound. It will gradually release the tension. Warm towel, warm baths or even an ice pack, all of these might help relax the muscle. Insufficient fluid intake can also lead to cramps. So remember to drink enough fluids. Adequate water lubricates the muscle and prevents excessive cramping. A gentle massage also has been known to help. Gently working the muscle that is cramping slowly restores circulation.

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Treatment for calf muscle cramps?

Night cramps of leg muscles often are calf muscles that cramp and freeze. Usually you wake up due to the pain and inability to move. There are basic reasons why these cramps happen and can be calf cramps have treatment.

The primary treatment for cramping calf muscles is a gentle massage to relax the stressed muscle. Try flexing your foot slowly even if the muscle pains a little bit. Bit by bit, relaxing the muscle and increasing the blood flow will help reduce the stress in that muscle. Using some ice pack or warm towels on the muscle might also help ease the cramp. Taking a warm bath or a hot shower could also help.

Avoid sleeping in tight nightwear or using tight sheets. Drink enough water and keep your muscles hydrated especially if you have been exercising. If you exercise regularly, make sure you do so with proper foot support and correct shoes. If you are chronic diabetic and the cramps seem recurrent, make sure check your sugar levels. Undue extensions of your leg outside the bed can also cause cramps so make sure your sleeping position is correct. If the cramps are worse and none of earlier methods have worked, you can even have anti inflammatory medication or muscle relaxants.

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