Leucorrhoea causes

Vaginal discharge or leucorrhea is a part and parcel of a woman’s life. However, the consistency, color, odor and texture of the discharge help in determining if the discharge is normal or not. A clear or whitish, odorless discharge is completely normal as it is needed to maintain the chemical balance in the vagina. It also helps in preserving the elasticity of the vaginal tissue. Many women mistake an increase in discharge after a menstrual period and at the time of ovulation to be indicative of a complication. However, this is absolutely normal and is mainly triggered by the hormone estrogen.    

If you have any doubt regarding the discharge, it is highly recommended that you consult a gynecologist at the earliest in order to clear your doubts as well as to prevent further complications. Indicators of unhealthy leucorrhea that could be indicative of an infection are a greenish or brownish colored discharge, discharge having a repulsive odor and discharge having a texture similar to that of cottage cheese. Irritation or itchiness around the genital region, a burning sensation experienced especially while urinating and leucorrhoea accompanied by irregularities in the menstrual cycle would also need special attention.  

Some home remedies for leucorrhoea:

  • Maintaining optimal personal hygiene is necessary so as to ensure that the vaginal area is clean and free from infection.
  • The use of panty liners is recommended so as to reduce the discomfort.
  • Highly perfumed products should not be used. A mild personal hygiene wash is advisable for such conditions.
  • Water helps in flushing out infection causing impurities from the body and should be consumed in abundance.   
  • The consumption of cranberry juice on a regular basis is believed to be a good remedy for this condition.
  • Drinking the water in which chopped lady’s fingers have been boiled is also known to be beneficial for the treatment of leucorrhea.

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