How to naturally treat porotic hyperostosis?

Poratic hyperostosis is a disease due to which the bone tissue of a person appears spongy and turns soft. There is a spongy marrow in the skull's bones that become overgrown (it can happen to other bones as well). As a result of this overgrowth the outer table of the bones becomes thinner and begins to move. It is believed that this disease is a result of iron deficiency in the body. Iron deficiency in an individual is caused from malnutrition. A study conducted on in certain parts of the world indicated that the incidence of poratic hyperostosis was higher in people who had a low iron diet as compared to people who had an iron rich diet.

This is an extremely rare disease, and the consequence of this progression is unknown. However, it could be similar to those suffering from osteoporosis. Thus, a person with poratic hyperostosis is more susceptible to fractures. Here are a few tips to help you if you are suffering from poratic hyperostosis.

  • Bones in the body weaken as too much of acid waste accumulates in the body. It is therefore important that you maintain the required pH in your body. Make sure your diet includes more foods from the alkalizing list instead of the acidifying list.
  • Avoid foods that contain synthetic chemicals as processed foods can damage your bones. It is important that you read the labels on the food products you buy. Drink distilled water if possible, and if you are eating out, it is better you drink bottled water. Drink natural fruit juices whenever possible and avoid carbonated drinks.
  • Try and avoid osteoporosis drugs if possible as they cause a lot of side effects in the long run.
  • Go in for some weight bearing exercise such as jogging or walking. You could also try some sport such as tennis, cross-country skiing, or racquetball.

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