How to Remove Acrylic Nails?

The best way to remove acrylic nails is with the help of an acetone based nail polish remover. Nail removal can be a painful process, however using a polish remover for acrylic nails is not only painless but is also extremely easy to do and easy on the pocket too. Acetone tends to soften and loosen the glue which binds acrylic nails to the natural nails.

All you need is a pair of nail clippers, a bowl, petroleum jelly, a nail buffer, moisturizing cream and of course acetone based nail polish remover.


  • Start off by clipping the acrylic nails as short as possible. Doing this will make the removal process easier.
  • Apply some petroleum jelly on the hands, especially the area around the nails. This will help prevent skin from drying up. Do not apply petroleum jelly on the nail, as it will prevent the acetone from doing its work.
  • Pour some nail polish remover into the bowl and soak nails in this solution for about 20-25 minutes.
  • Remove your nails from the solution and gently peel off. If any of the nail does not come off, re-soak in the solution for another five minutes and then gently peel off. Do not apply force or pressure. Usually the acrylic nail will peel off easily after the acetone soak.
  • Wash hands with soap and warm water to take off any remaining nail polish remover and petroleum jelly.
  • Dry hands and gently buff the nails with a nail buffer. This will help remove any acrylic glue remaining on the nails.
  • Moisturize hands in order to replenish the moisture lost due to soaking.
Removing acrylic nails with acetone is not the only solution. Another simple way to remove acrylic nails involves the use of dental floss. You will require help with this process however.

Create an edge around the nail cuticles using a metal nail file and slide the floss through this edge. Gently slide the floss from the cuticle to the tip of the nail in a sawing motion. Be careful and be sure to get a proper edge, or the floss may just slice through the acrylic nails making it even more difficult to remove.

This method can be tried if the acrylic nails are too stubborn and won’t budge with acetone.

answered by M W

  1. Just take acetone in a deep small vessel. Apply some petroleum jelly on the fingers [not on nails] and dip the fingers in acetone for 10 minutes. The acrylic nail will start loosening. Remove it smoothly and slowly so that the underlying nail is not affected. The original nail may become rough and take a month or so to become normal. Buffing and shaping may be required.
  2. Even vegetable oil like groundnut or sunflower oil yields good results. Take about 50 ml of oil in a small vessel and dip the fingers for 2-5 minutes. The acrylic sticking will loosen and this nail will start coming out.

answered by D M K

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