How do I whiten my yellowing teeth?

Nowadays people are keen on whitening their teeth on account of the unsightly stains or yellowing of teeth that may occur as a result of chewing on tobacco, smoking excessively or not maintaining proper dental hygiene. People are also keen on knowing how to get white teeth fast because of their aesthetic appeal. Some of the reasons that may contribute to the need for the individual having to take up a teeth whitening treatment for perfect white teeth include excessive consumption of beverages such as coffee and tea which tend to make the teeth yellow. Similarly discoloration of teeth may also occur because of climatic conditions, infections, hereditary reasons or even taking a high dosage of antibiotics. In some cases it has been observed that improper metabolism and old age may also lead to yellowing of teeth along with physical damage or emotional trauma.

One of the white teeth tips is to ensure that one brushes their teeth properly because many a times yellowing of teeth may also be on accumulation of bacteria and plaque which is primarily due to improper eating habits an method of brushing ones teeth. Although there are plenty of commercial options available for whitening of teeth most people prefer home remedies for teeth whitening because the commercial alternatives could result in damaging the teeth in the long run and may also not be very effective in whitening of the teeth. Additionally these commercial options may also cause irritation to the gums at times. One of the home remedies for white teeth which could also be very effective in getting white teeth fast is to prepare a mixture of half a teaspoon of vinegar, half a tablespoon of baking soda and also a pinch of regular table salt. This mixture should be gently rubbed on ones teeth to get white teeth and also to keep ones mouth free of bacteria. Another one of the home remedies for whitening of teeth is to mix two drops of hydrogen peroxide and half a tablespoon of baking soda. This is known to be a highly effective home remedy for perfect white teeth and should be used twice a day in a week.

Similarly home remedies for white teeth also include using some crushed walnuts which will act as a natural teeth cleanser which not only keep the teeth bacteria free and white but also prevent further yellowing of the teeth. An important home remedy to get white teeth fast is to grind together three to four strawberries and use this mixture as a paste for teeth whitening. Home remedies to whiten teeth also include rubbing the inner side of the rind of an orange against for teeth on a daily basis for at least a week for best results. One of the more popular and effective home remedies to whiten teeth includes brushing ones teeth with some sage leaves that are also used in many commercially available skin whitening products.

One should also ensure that their diet include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits that are nutrient rich and also rich in proteins which helps in the development and maintenance of teeth and bones. Additionally one should also drink plenty of fresh drinking water and juices so as to remain hydrated and fresh. A home remedy to whiten ones teeth also includes eating fruits such as apples, sugarcanes, guavas and vegetable such as cucumbers, sprouts and carrots as they are known to prevent the discoloration or the yellowing of teeth. In case of stained teeth, one should ensure that they do not use citrus lemon directly on the teeth to whiten the teeth fast as it is known to harm the teeth enamel in the long run.

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